About Penzamba

Penzamba performs in carnivals, festivals, fetes, village fairs and charity events in the Penwith area - and sometimes further afield. Playing Samba music is a very uplifting experience and gives the players a great sense of achievement, self expression and above all...

In just a short period of time you can be taught to play, and before long could be parading in the many events where PENZAMBA are invited to perform.

The band's rehearsals take place every Saturday between 10.30am - 1.30pm at the Humphry Davy School, Penzance. Vanessa Whyte, John Byrne and Mathew are sharing the Mestre role. The location of the school is shown (here) We meet in the Trenoweth building which is straight ahead, up the drive from the entrance gate.

If you have an interest in percussion music and would like the challenge of leading this established band, please get in touch.

Our reportoire of Afro-Brazillian music involves
playing a combination of drums and other percussion instruments;

Band members play;

the SURDO, large double headed drum played with a padded beater,
We usually have several surdo players playing a syncapated rhythm

the CAIXA, (snare) Played with conventional sticks to provide a cross
rhythm in the music.

the TAMBORIM, (Tam) Small single-headed 5" hand held drum, struck with
either a thin stick or nylon beaters.

AGOGO , (Bells) Double cone shaped bell played with a wooden stick.

the SHAKER, the name says it.! various types, provide a constant groove.